Cardiovascular Center

Director: Katsuhiko Oda, MD, PhD

At our hospital, the Departments of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery work closely together to form the Cardiovascular Center. The Cardiology Department is located in the east ward of the 6th floor, and the Cardiovascular Surgery Department is in the west ward. The Cardiology Department acts as the gatekeeper for cardiovascular diseases, responsible for diagnosing conditions, formulating treatment plans, registering heart transplant cases, and performing minimally invasive treatments using catheters and various medical devices. We maintain one of the highest treatment volumes and success rates in the country. Additionally, we actively accept and treat severe cases that are difficult to manage at other cardiology departments within the prefecture, providing life-saving care with advanced techniques.

The Cardiovascular Surgery Department serves as the last stronghold for the treatment of severe cardiovascular diseases in Iwate Prefecture. It accepts and treats patients not only from our hospital but from across the entire prefecture, maintaining one of the highest case volumes and success rates in the country. Every Monday morning, we hold a joint Cardiovascular Center meeting to scientifically review treatment outcomes and analyze complications from various perspectives, fostering information sharing and performance improvement. We also conduct joint study sessions on the latest treatment methods, encouraging active discussions.

Our hospital is the only prefectural hospital in Iwate capable of performing open-heart surgery. Cardiovascular surgery facilities in the prefecture are concentrated in just two locations: our hospital and Iwate Medical University. Cardiovascular surgery requires the latest high-spec medical equipment and physicians with advanced knowledge and skills. Therefore, centralizing facilities and making focused investments is logical, allowing for an increased volume of surgeries that enhance proficiency. Since the department’s establishment in 1969, centralization of facilities has been achieved through rational policies by the prefectural medical bureau.

In recent years, treatment in the field of cardiovascular diseases has rapidly progressed with technological innovations. Both the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Departments offer an increasing number of minimally invasive treatment options that reduce the burden on patients. We continuously stay updated on cutting-edge technologies, carefully evaluating their efficacy without blindly trusting new advancements. We are committed to discerning the true essence of new techniques, recognizing their potential benefits and risks, and ensuring their safe implementation. We thoroughly explain treatment details to patients and their families, consider second opinions if necessary, and make treatment decisions that respect the patients’ wishes.

The Cardiovascular Center at our hospital is responsible for providing top-level medical care safely to the residents of Iwate Prefecture. In the increasingly complex field of advanced cardiovascular medicine, collaboration between the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Departments, as well as interdisciplinary teamwork as a “Heart Team,” is essential. As a result of our continuous efforts, in 2018, we were certified as the only facility in the prefecture capable of implanting ventricular assist devices. From April 2020, we have been able to use the “Impella” heart pump catheter for circulatory support. In April 2021, our long-awaited hybrid operating room became operational, and TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) started in July. Furthermore, MitraClip procedures began in March 2023. A much-anticipated heliport was also established adjacent to our hospital, significantly enhancing our emergency response capabilities.

We accept patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To meet the trust placed in us by the residents of the prefecture, all members of the Cardiovascular Center at our hospital will continue to strive for further excellence. We look forward to your continued support and future developments.